ROM Wall and Bin

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The ROM retaining wall utilises a Reinforced Earth (RE) design solution.  This design approach has the benefit of requiring only simple and small concrete strip foundations. In addition, the RE wall  has the flexibility to accommodate foundation settlement and any resulting movement in the wall and working platform. In the event of such settlement the structure can be readily adjusted to ensure minimal disruption to the operation of the plant.

At the top of the wall there is a reinforced concrete apron slab with an integral reinforced concrete buffer. The slab and buffer protect the wall against direct impact loads from the dump trucks unloading onto the ROM bin . The trucks have a working load capacity in the order of 150tonne. The apron slab also provides a stable  and durable working surface for the trucks.

Note: The ROM bin structure is isolated and independent of the RE wall to ensure no adverse load transfer between these two structures.

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